Dragoons of Viliese

The Past

Everything up until Kellen Started keeping a journal for you lot.

First Arc :

The group was formed by Salmir to form a adventure guild, yet the location had gone deadly quiet. Investigating, they gang found out the town had been taken over by necromancer.

Salmir was mortally wounded on the way, leaving it up to the rest of the adventurers to deal with the necromancer. After gaining the villager’s trust by clearing out a load of kobolds from the mines, the group then went and fetched weaponry to fight back from a wandering orc tribe.

Along they way they encountered a very young, but still cunning green dragon. They considered making a pact with the dragon to aid them in the fight, but thought better of it, choosing to slay the beast instead.

They stormed the mages tower and fought all kinds of undead creatures before finally finding and slaying the necromancer, claiming the tower for their own.

First Quest! :

The group received their first quest a while after the tower was clear! They had to investigate a ship wreck in the Bay of Sealie. They found more than expected however, as the sailors had been captured by merfolk. After fighting off the merfolk, the group rescued the sailors and claimed their reward.

Missing! :
A stranger arrived at the tower and suddenly Ganly went missing! A sad coincidence for Sticks as he tagged along as the group managed their way through a portal into the Mechanus realm. There they hunted for Ganly while dealing with the clockwork like way of living.

Finally they found him after they were captured by cultists of some sinister purpose. Breaking free and retrieving their gear (via a very close inspired drinking contest) they managed to find Ganly, who had been mind controlled, and escape the realm. Back in their own home, they found Ganly was back to normal, although with some strange extra powers and jewelry.

A Dark Quest:
The Group were contracted by a mysterious Drow woman to retrieve a gem stone for her from a group of bandits. Skeptical, they accepted and were shown where to go. Fighting and tricking their way through some traps laid out, the group found a cleric bound and captured, freeing him as he joined them in fighting the wizard that led the group.

After a final fight with some kind of beholder like creature, the group collected the stone and returned it to the drow woman.


KellenBrook KellenBrook

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