Ellywick Ashwarren

Gnome Druid


Race – Forest Gnome
Background – Hermit
Alignment – Neutral/Good


Ellywick spent her childhood in the forests of Aldwhisper, having been found as a baby and taken in by a kind, elderly elf druid by the name of Arannis Ashwarren. She was accepted into the druid circle and raised with their customs and ideals, developing a deep respect and love for nature, harmony and healing.
Arannis named Ellywick after a gnome he had met in his own travels. She taught him the importance of appreciating the little things, and had had a huge impact on his life.
Ellywick lived up to her inherited name.
As a forest gnome, she held a deep desire to explore and discover the world around her. Her mischievous excitement for everything was more than the elven druids in Aldwhisper were accustomed to, and her ability to create minor illusions provided hours of wonderment for all. Her natural ability to speak to small creatures also helped to strengthen her connection to the natural world.
As she grew older, Ellywick’s excitement for exploring and understanding the world only grew. Arannis told her many stories of his own travels, and gifted her books detailing stories of adventurers and menders of the world. When she decided to leave the circle in search of adventure and fulfilment, Arannis supported her wholeheartedly, and the druid circle she came to call family promised her she would always have a home to return to.
On a crisp winter day, the druids of the quaint forest in Aldwhisper gave good will and goodbyes to Ellywick. Although relunctant, Ellywick was determined to find her story as Arannis had done before her. His gentle encouragement and fatherly love filled her with ambition to go out and explore the world and build her own life meaning. She wanted to help others, and was determined to bring as much happiness and life to the world around her as she could.
Ellywick had never socialised with anyone other than the elf druids and woodland creatures of Aldwhisper, so when she encountered the cities of Korsik she was filled with both excitement and apprehension. She struggled somewhat to understand the common customs a well as some of the language. Arannis had attempted to teach Ellywick the common tongue, however; with Druidic and Elvish as the main languages used in the circle, there was little practice to be had. He had also attempted to teach her Gnomish, but her grasp of this is also somewhat lacking. Ellywick often joked to Arannis that she would never be able to communicate with anyone better than her woodland creature friends!
The longer Ellywick attempted to find her place as a helper in the city, the more she missed her home and craved the comfort of the woodland realm. Her naivety eventually caught up with her, and after being swindled by a halfling she had attempted to help in exchange for information, she made a regretful decision to leave and seek more familiar grounds.
She became secluded from others within the forests of Thershaad, preferring the company of the woodland creatures. She often adopted a squirrel form to feel closer to nature, and to the home she once shared with Arannis and the other elven druids in Aldwhisper. Her time in the forests did come to heal her wounds from her experiences in Korsik, and it wasn’t long before the need to explore and adventure began to bubble within her core again.
One day years later, a woodpecker companion alerted Ellywick to a monk moving through the forest alone. Her inner nature was calling her to investigate and the prospect of a friendly face elicited excitement from her. Ellywick decided to stealthily follow the monk in squirrel form to gain information on their character and intentions. It appeared that the monk posed no threat toward the forest or the creatures within it, so Ellywick decided to reveal herself with the intention of making a new friend. Unfortunately, having forgotten that she was currently not a gnome, startled the monk. After the misunderstanding a some proper (although somewhat tentative) introduction, the monk and druid quickly became close acquaintances.
Ellywick and the monk exchanged stories of their lives and their homelands, enjoying their time together in the forest. The monk also shared the tales of their adventures so far, inciting a fire within Ellywick. Feeling compelled, she remembered her promise to Arannis and the other druids to return someday with a story, and decided to once again to seek adventure, starting with the towns of Thershaad.
Ellywick had once again begun to fulfil her wish to help people. She began to hone her skills in healing and illusion through various quests and started to gain a better understanding of common customs and language.
Ellywick, despite her messy appearance, was usually liked by the people she helped. She was seen as an eager gnome with a genuine love for those around her despite her confusion about their words and customs. She gained great joy in befriending the towns folk and other adventurers, and gained great knowledge from them as well.
Eventually, Ellywick came across an aging adventurer named Salmir al-Dim who was looking for willing individuals to help him travel to a town called Viliese. Still interested in understanding and exploring more, Ellywick accepted without much thought for potential dangers. Having not heard of Viliese before, Ellywick’s naivety may cost her more than she expects. Her trusting and optimistic nature, along with her need to help those in need, may turn out to be her eventual downfall during this adventure.

Ellywick Ashwarren

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