Ganly Giantsbane

Halfling Rogue


Background – Charlatan
Alignment – Chaotic / Good


Basic History – Born in a small halfling town Ganly yearned for excitement and wonder in his life, reaching his 18th year he left family and friends to head to the city. Full of optimism and wonder he arrived but his bright outlook was to be his downfall as the dark streets were no place for a light hearted country halfling. Losing all the savings he had brought with him to a mugging he searched for some form of employment but there was little need in the city for the skills he possessed. Until he realised that people seemed to trust him. No one expected the bright eyed child like halfling of stealing a purse or questioned when he assured a lost couple the quickest way home was down the ally behind a not so well thought of drinking house. Ganly easily slipped in to the life of crime picking pockets, selling useless trinkets to passers assuring them they would ward of illness or attract love. But soon he started to dream bigger and found him self round a table with a warrior whom had grand plans to start a new adventuring guild in a far off land. It didn’t take much to convince the warrior that he was in fact a man of written law he offered his service to come along to write, notarise and tick the legal boxes required to create such an enterprise…. Little did the warrior realise these documents would be the product of Ganly’s latest con…..forgery….

Ganly Giantsbane

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