Krunk the Beefy: Priest of Tempus

Human Cleric


Background – Acolyte
Alignment – Chaotic Good

Krunk is Krunk.


Krunk grow up in Troll cave. Trolls good people, only hit Krunk sometimes. Teach Krunk hitting.

Man come, tell Krunk him good at magic. Krunk leave, Troll mum cry, Krunk cry, Troll mum hit Krunk.

Krunk go Monastery, Krunk learn many things, like how talk good. Most of all, Krunk learn about Glory of Tempus. Krunk train. Beat all other priests. Them say Krunk ready.

Krunk leave to find purpose. Serve Tempus by fighting good fights.

Krunk fight small war. Defeat many. Make friends and travel. Friends killed in night. Krunk captured. Krunk fail.

Dragoons rescue Krunk, give him justice and redemption. Krunk stay with Dragoons, fight for them. Heal them. Repay life debt. Is good.

Krunk the Beefy: Priest of Tempus

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