Torinn Highreach

Dragonborn Fighter


Torinn Highreach, the Dragonborn Outlander

0-7 years old
Hatched from the egg that fell from a fleeing merchant’s backpack, this Dragonborn was saved by a pack of wolves who treated him as one of their own – only after being unable to eat the egg – and protected him when he was an infant from scavenging gnolls. Growing up with the wolves in Thornwood Thicket, the great forest in western Dal-Amir, taught the Dragonborn the importance of being in a pack and how to hunt for food.

7-10 years old
One day on the way back from gathering he found his pack under attack from an owlbear who had wandered to their den in search of food, and rushed to help. Seeing that some of the wolves had already fallen, In an compulsive act of distraction he shouted at the owlbear in a barking manner, but with such ferocity and emotion that it caused lightning to burst from his mouth, striking the beast and bringing its attention swiftly to the Dragonborn.

The fight lasted a long time, but with the help of the wolves the Dragonborn was able to survive and bring the owlbear down. This was not without a cost, however, as he suffered many wounds; the worst being a large bite on his left shoulder. In an act of vengeance, he beheaded the owlbear and kept it as a trophy. Later, the head would decompose and leave a skull, which he would harness to his shoulder, to both remind him of his past, and to hide the scars that the beast had left. Only a few of the wolves had survived the fight, and after a couple of years only one remained, the rest unable to recover from their injuries enough.

10-27 years old
The Dragonborn decided to set out with the wolf to try and find anything to help, and eventually wandered to a small civilisation of Halflings. Initially cautious of these new creatures, they kept distance and out of sight, but when they saw that they were under attack from owlbears themselves he knew he had to help. Much stronger now than before, the owlbears were slain and driven away quickly.

The Halflings thanked the Dragonborn, and after realising he spoke no language, convinced him to stay by offering him and his wolf (now old, and harmless) food and shelter. Over the years they were able to teach him to speak and read common, and with the help of books they had, also some draconic. They also gave him a name – Torinn Highreach – Torinn was the forename of a Dragonborn from one of their story books, a mighty warrior named Torinn Daardrendian who lead his clan against an army of orcs, and Highreach was a name designated by the Halfling’s leader, Milo Thorngage, due to his imposing stature, and ability to help gather from trees without the assistance of footstools or ladders.

Torinn honed his skills as a fighter by defending the village from the various inhabitants of the forest, and with his help they were able to build strong walls and gates. As time went on his wolf companion eventually passed away to old age, and realising that all things come to an end, decided that as the village was now a safe place for the Halflings to live, decided he would move on in search of others who may need help. This came as a shock to Milo, but respecting his decision, decided to throw a party in his name to celebrate the times they had all spent growing and helping each other.

Come the next day, the Halflings gave Torinn some supplies for the road ahead, including a small map to guide him to the nearest towns. He said his goodbyes, and left towards Viliese. It was here that he found out about the adventure guild opportunity, and looked to join.

Torinn Highreach

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