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  • Dragoon Members

    h2. A list of all current and former members of the Guild, along with their rank and status p. * [[:torinn-highreach | Torrin Highreach]] - Personal Relations * [[:ganly-giantsbane | Ganly Giantsbane]] - Guild Master * [[:ellywick-ashwarren | …

  • Influential NPCs

    h1. Main NPCs On this page will be a list of main and majour NPCs that can influence the plot, give quests, aid the Dragoons or even become enemies to them. Minor NPCs who are more likely to give small side quests can be found on the Minor NPC Page. …

  • Selya Neverwinter

    The elven Priestess who was rescued by the Dragoons from the necromancer. She now works for the Dragoons and Viliese, offering healing services after her old adventuring party was slain by the necromancer. She possesses some strong healing magic.

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