Kellen Brook

Human Bard


Background – Noble

Alignment – Neutral Good


Basic History – An extract from Kellin’s Journal : "Most heroes and adventurers had a tough upbringing. They lost parents or loved ones, struggled past tough times and some have even sadder tales. It gives them something to draw strength and motivation from, as well as a drive to do good and aid others.

I have no such past.Raised in a Noble family, had nearly my every whim and desire given to me.I received good schooling, was fed magnificent meals every day and went to balls and dances with many beautiful women.

So I have no motivation for revenge, redemption or justice from my past. So why did I start this life?
Living a lavish and lazy life with all things given to you can bring out a certain feeling of gathering dust, like some forgotten ornament. It was when my lessons of history turned to the great heroes of the past (I was hooked by the tale of Lanre and Lyra) that made me steer to this path. I wished to learn what Lyra had, words of power and knowledge, and to learn the deep true language of the world.

So I set out on my own. Of course when I left, I was green and inexperienced, but eager to learn…." The page is torn, awaiting further pages to be added.

Kellen Brook

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