Influential NPCs

Main NPCs

On this page will be a list of main and majour NPCs that can influence the plot, give quests, aid the Dragoons or even become enemies to them.

Minor NPCs who are more likely to give small side quests can be found on the Minor NPC Page.

Verinal Based NPCs

Lords Brymount and Estelan

Lords of Verinal

The Two Lords who Rule Aldwhisper from Verinal. Lord Brymount is the true lord of the realm, while Lore Estelan hails from further south and moved to Verinal a few years ago with his daughters. Rumours of course spread due to this odd move, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Lord Brymount is the patron to all Members of the “Lord’s Wardens” who funds and hands out the rewards of rank that come with such membership. They both seem fair and most common folk have no real gripe with them (beyond mumbling about tax collectors).

Var’Nar’in Dal’fae

Headmaster of the Academy of the Grand Arts

An elderly elf who is in charge of the Academy within Verinal. He has years of knowledge and is always looking for more knowledge and arcane matters to be added to the Academy. Although he does not teach personally, he is also heavy invested in the Wizards and Sorcerers who study at the Academy.

Cairne Based NPCs

Dorrin Flamebrand
h4. King of the Mountain

The Seemingly Kind Hearted king has ruled for the past 43 years with relative peace and prosperity. Easily seen by the great fiery beard coupled with a golden crown, he appears every inch the dwarven king, clad in ornamental golden armour and wielding an ancient axe. In truth he has never fought a day’s true battle in his life.

Gerina Irontongue
h4. Lady Reagent

Gerina is second in command after the king. She is a thin dwarf, with black hair and an ashen complexion. She is a keen master of wit and deception, figuring out ruses and calculating all her actions before acting. Dressed in black robes that match her hair, laced with mithral trimmings, she appears a shadow behind the king.

Drekin and Thella Tineye
h4. Archaeologists

Drekin is an elderly dwarf who is a deep studies wizard who used to travel around to discover lost ruins and similar. Grey and wrinkled now, his activities have passed to his daughter Thella, a bright eyed woman eager for adventure.
Both are interested in magical and ancient relics, and are happy to purchase them (especially dwarven forged) for display in their museum.

Faewild NPCs

Teleren Velrenar

Border Watcher of the Fae Wild


Soren and Serena

Lord of Winter and his Daughter


Miscellaneous NPCs

Wyden Wilheilm

Wandering Wizard and Shopkeeper


Talrei Darkdawn

Drow Woman with Influence


Influential NPCs

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