Key Locations

Key Locations In the World


Verinal (Port City) Key Feature: Capital of Aldwhisper
Thranport (Port City) Key Feature : Lightning Train
Mountain of Cairn (Dwarven Home) Key Feature : The Heart of the Mountain
Planar (Magi City) Key Feature : Magical Weather / Anomalies
Ruins of Bremica (Destroyed Elven City) Key Feature : Leftover Magical effects
The Grand Capitol (Major City) Key Feature : Sprawling City, separated into 5 provinces
Harrow (Corrupt City) Key Feature : Deep History


Viliese ( Crossroad Town) Key Feature : Home of the Dragoons
Taardin (Trader Town ) Key Feature : Near Viliese
Newport (Harbour Town) Key Feature : Jungle island


Bay Of Sealie (Cliff enclosed bay) Key Feature : Merfolk Town under the bay

Key Locations

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