The Home Under The Mountain

The rugged Cairn mountain is the ancient home land of the dwarves of the Korsik Continent. Deep below the mountain, long corridors and vast halls were dug into the stone, still standing over 1000 years later.

Legends tell that the first dwarves to settle in the shadow of the mountain, were drawn inside by unnaturally warm caves. Not long after, they found the cause of this heat, a giant gem stone that radiated heat and magic. The Named it the Heart of the Mountain, and learnt to wield its powers.

With the power of the Heart, the dwarves were able to draw up magma from deep in the earth. Rich in minerals, they developed methods to ‘sieve’ and harvest the magma. With this magma running through the mountain like blood vessels, the dwarves use thin sheets of obsidian in place of glass, enabling the hat and light of run off magma to illuminate the corridors and halls.

The dwarves managed ti develop tools to dredge the magma, making them able to access a near infinite wealth of metals. Dwarves now work day and night, harvesting iron, copper, tin, gold and traces of rarer minerals. Due to the large supply, dwarves of Cairn often decorate their home with metal filigree and plating. Wearing stone and metal, miners work in an area called The Depths. A large river of molten magma runs through the great cave that is the main source of this wealth.


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